How to get the Full Benefit of Your Air Conditioning Unit

It is a burning hot summer, and you turn the air conditioning on only to find that it is not efficient in cooling the room or worse still, it is not working at all. It can be a very frustrating experience! While it is advisable to get a professional engineer to do an air conditioning service as part of your home maintenance, there are some simple checks you can conduct in between to ensure that your air conditioning is operating smoothly.


Many air conditioning faults are as a result of lack of cleanliness. However, dusting the vents often might make a huge difference to your unit's life. Another easy thing you can do to enhance the cleanliness of your air conditioning system is to remove the filters, use an antibacterial spray to spray them and rinse with warm water. The cleaner your unit is, the less often you will require an ac service.


The reason your air conditioning system has a filter is to guard the mechanics inside as well as keeping the air in your office or home clean. If you do not maintain the filter clean, your air conditioning system will work harder and run less efficiently meaning that your energy bill will be higher and your air conditioning service will not be adequate to keep your unit in great health. Some air conditioning filters should be cleaned instead of replacing them and vice versa. You can clean an electrostatic filter while you should replace a paper filter or disposable fiberglass often; anywhere between once every month and twice a year, based on the air quality in your area. Check it often to determine how regularly you should be changing yours. A filter clogged with dust requires changing.


The condensing unit is part of your air con system which stays outside and pulls the air in. In case dead leaves, weeds or even outdoor furniture obstruct it, your air conditioning might nor operate as well as it should. Clean the area around the unit regularly as part of your maintenance. It is also good to do this before the air conditioning unit is serviced so that the engineer does not charge you exorbitant fees and also to avoid the misdiagnosis that your system is not functioning properly.


After removing the obstructions from the condensing unit, check to ensure that the airflow is consistent and powerful on both units. In case the airflow is poor, this might indicate that your air conditioning unit has a failing fan or blocked coil. In many cases, it will be crucial to call a professional air conditioner contractor to investigate the issue and offer a solution.


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